Monday, September 22, 2008

And now's it's time for -Bizzare Thoughts with Mary Beavers

I have a couple of friends that are either doing the Internet dating thing or are seriously thinking of it. Don't get me wrong, I'm not here to bash it at all. It may not be for least not yet...but I have to say I have thought about it. I wonder, how specific can you be on those things? If I were to sign up there would be certain critera I would look for. Perhaps the most important would be his last name. I'm pretty sure at this point I would want it to be McGee. You have to admit it's a pretty cool last name. I'd prefer if he wanted lots and lots of see, some of my friends have had their children's names (so really none of them have had kids yet...but you know, future kids...or whatever) picked out for a really long time. I could only think of one or two names I liked. I always liked names that were a little different. That's when I thought of marrying someone whose last name is McGee...
Think of all the possibilities.

-Crazy Eyed McGee
-Long-Legged McGee
(or if we produce short kids) -Short-Legged McGee
-Knobby Kneed McGee
-Stinky McGee

And why limit it to looks or smells, let's go for personality:

-Smarty Pants McGee
-Bump on a Log McGee
-Funny Bones McGee
-Grumpy Pants McGee

When you think about it, the possibilities are limitless...

Oh, one more characteristic I'd be looking for in a potential match. He's got to be crazy enough to be crazy enough about me...

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