Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Can't believe I'm posting this...April 16, 2008

Two days ago I was at my friend Nikki's house and she was showing me
some of her clothes (that she never wears anymore) and I saw the
cutest wrap dress. I began to exclaim how cute it was and she told me
I could borrow it, in fact, she told me I could keep it and if she ever
wanted to borrow it she would let me know. I was so excited because it
had been so long since I had worn a dress or found one that looked
good. I immediately grabbed it from her hands and carried it with me
until we left. I knew I would wear it the next day (despite the
weather!). It's that stretchy material (very forgiving) with a fairly
busy pattern (ALSO very forgiving!) and I put on a brown camisole so
as not to be too revealing. I was also sporting a pair of aqua
undies...but really, do you need to know everything?

I put on my brown wedges that should not be worn to walk 6 miles of
downtown Cincinnati in...but looked pretty cute with the dress. Diana
exclaimed how good everything looked...Randy (my boss) exclaimed that
it looked good and he liked the material. Even Matt said he liked it.
I was feeling pretty good that day my friend...pretty darn good.

I went home for lunch...touched up my hair...added some earrings I
hadn't had time to put on that morning...and headed back. Dropped off
people's taxes at the post office and then made my way over to the
office. 3:45 rolls around and it's time to take the mail. Now, I only
have to walk approximately 1 3/4 blocks to get to the mailbox...mayhem
struck when I got to the corner of Austin and Trinity. I had a good
hold of my dress on the left side, because that was where the wrap was
the most exposed...the wind had other plans.

I had the mail in my right hand, holding my dress in the left...the
wind whipped up behind me and to the right...catching the hem of my
dress just right and flipping it up somewhere around my chin as far as
I can remember. I pushed it down quickly and glanced around only to
see an old man getting into his truck and his wife looking right at

I walked calmly to the corner, deposited the mail in the postal
receptacle and grabbed hold of my dress with two good hands. Relieved
to see the truck gone when I crossed back over the street, I headed
straight for my building. The wind was now laughing at me and trying
it's best to recreate the situation I found myself in earlier...I got
three steps from my building and a grin forced itself onto my face...
made it to the door and giggles rose up in my chest. I sat down and
had a good guffaw for at least 3 minutes...relating the story to my
colleagues as best I could...

Ahh...it still makes me laugh, and I know now, next time I wear the
dress, to choose my undies more carefully...


Michelle (and Shannon) said...

Wow...that's funny. Can't say it's ever happened to me! Maybe conservative granny-panties next time? :-)

Jonathan et Kari said...

I had a similar experience once with a knee-length wrap skirt, a convertible, a green light and a trucker in the lane next to me. ;)

Thanks for sharing. The mental image was hysterical.