Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Poor Always Among Us?

So here I sit...supposed to be blogging about poverty, when all that comes to mind is a recent conversation I had with a friend. The conversation started when he lamented that his colleagues weren't getting his humor. I told him that when I lived in Africa they didn't get sarcasm (which obviously drips from my tongue - if you know me you know this is true) and that it was a rough couple of years (from a humor standpoint). He wondered if the lack of sarcasm in Sub-Saharan Africa was a factor in agriculture and political stability.
He finally connected the two (okay MAYBE it was a bit of a stretch connecting the Sahara with lack of appreciation for sarcasm to lack of water, leading to no food.) but now that I think about it, I have to wonder. Why IS there so much poverty in the world? Why does it seem to flourish in some areas/countries more than others?

Perhaps sarcasm is not the answer to poverty, political stability, and food in Sub-Sahara Africa. Perhaps it all starts with caring about those in poverty, becoming aware of those in poverty, being so affected by it that you can no longer sit by and do nothing.

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