Thursday, May 28, 2009

Leavin' On a Jet Plane...

Five years ago, I left Ghana. In my heart, I knew someday I would go back to Africa. From that time, on the plane, God has been preparing me to go back. I believe this summer is my opportunity.
This blog post is to inform you of my intention of going to Botswana and also to ask for your support. From July 25 through August 9, 2009 a team from New River Fellowship will travel to Botswana, Southern Africa to minister to the peoples of Maun, Botswana. We will serve through construction, hut-to-hut evangelism, working with AIDS orphans, visiting the village churches and so much more. We will serve alongside the Lackey family, founders of Love Botswana Outreach Mission (
Botswana is a fairly peaceful country. It is roughly the size of Texas and has an 81% literacy rate, $15,800 income per capita and a population of approximately 1.7 million people. Although it seems to be a sparsely populated country (mostly due to the excessive mortality rate of AIDS), Maun, Botswana is a crossroads not only to other parts of Botswana but to most of Southern Africa. Love Botswana Outreach Mission was set up in Maun to provide a central base to train and educate others to minister in the area.
Your prayer support is coveted. Having served in the bush of Africa I know spiritual forces are not to be taken lightly. I’m asking that you pray for me and for our team that we may carry the truth of God boldly and speak His words faithfully, that we will stand up to Satan with the strength that only God can give and that we will obey the Spirit of God wherever He may lead us.
I am also letting you know of another need. You guessed it, money. The estimated cost of the trip is approximately $4,000. If you feel God is leading you to help me cover some of these expenses I would greatly appreciate it. Checks should be made payable to New River Fellowship (please put my name and Botswana on the memo line) and are tax deductible as a charitable donation. Send money to:

New River Fellowship
Attn: Betsy Admire
3252 E I-20
Hudson Oaks, TX 76087

Lastly, I want to thank you, whether by prayer or donation, for any way you are able to support me in this mission. I feel so strongly that God is calling me to make a difference in lives during this trip, as well as continue shaping me into the woman of God he has called me to be. I look forward to sharing with you how God worked through your prayers and financial support.

In His Strength,

Mary Beavers


Jonathan et Kari said...

Hi Mary,

Not sure how I missed this when you posted it... but I've read it now! Very exciting. I am - of course - jealous :) How is the fundraising going?

Mary said...


I've had a few responses and still a few more letters to get out. $4,000 is a lot to raise...but God is faithful and I'm trying my best to trust. I'm excited about going to a different part of Africa!