Wednesday, April 15, 2009

More China

Because I said I would post more on is day two...however, don't expect more and when they do come it could be quite interspersed...

Monday, October 20, 2008
7:00 a.m.
I slept pretty well all right and BAM (Emeril-style) my eyes opened at about 6:30. Joni and I got ready and literally RAN to meet the bus. It was a 3 minute ride (but a 20 minute walk!) to the part of school we had her classes in. When we got off the bus we still had about 40 minutes till classes started. We checked out the cafeteria but decided to opt for a bakery shop instead to procure our breakfast. Hmmm...maybe not so wise of a choice. Chinese pastries can be very deceptive. Just because it looks sweet - doesn't mean it will be. We got these little things that looked like donutholes - hmm - they were filled with "something" that looked a bit like shredded meat and soy sauce with perhaps a bottle or two of liquid smoke...not so tasty when you are expecting something sweet. We ate the rest of what we had chosen and it was off to class.
She had two freshmen oral classes that morning. The students were very excited to meet me and after I told them about me they asked some questions. Mostly about being home-schooled and about me living in Africa. We then joined some of Joni's teacher friends for lunch and it was SOOOO yummy. One dish was like hash browns but not cooked all the way and in an oil of some sort. There was an eggplant dish that quickly became one of my favorites. A green bean dish and something called cola chicken...or was it coke chicken...either way it was fabulous- also a tofu dish that was VERY good.
After lunch we had a sophomore culture class and then we came back. I was starting to get very sleepy so I laid down and slept right through Joni's free talk. She woke me up in time to eat dinner with another foreign teacher and then 3 others joined us for conversation later. Oh- dinner - we had garlic shoots! Yum!!

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